A world where real compassion includes a sense of real equality,
where seriousness of purpose includes a sense of humour,
where generosity includes moral clarity,
where the black aid back and white’s not uptight,
where we take each other seriously and smile at each other’s prejudices -
as we move together as one.

is more than just a song, video and fashion show – it’s the seeds of a new philosophy.
In the way the developing world is usually depicted in the media and aid agencies’ promotional campaigns, poor brown people dominate the stage. PMAW would like, for once, to put in the spotlight those who are behind the wheels of the ever-rolling aid caravans, those refugees from a life in boredom, those whose lancets of idealism are tested against the windmills of reality every day of the year: the aid worker.
By listening to , watching, forwarding, purchasing and downloading Aid Aid’s PIMP MY AID WORKER single, composed and performed for the occasion by Zambia’s biggest stars, you can contribute to making the Pimp My Aid Worker fashion show in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2011 a reality!

All proceeds from Pimp My Aid Worker sales will go to the Pimp My Aid Worker foundation, and in their entirety be used for African designers, African artists and African musicians helping to pimp our aid workers through fashion, music and arts all over the continent in the time to come.

We are currently seeking African fashion designers who would like to create exciting new work and leisure wear for aid workers for the Nairobi fashion show in 2011. Please fill out and submit our application form with the necessary contact information and if possible some examples of your work.

Pimp My Aid Worker – all over the world!